Who pays for Support Coordination?


NDIS - National Disability Insurance Scheme is funding to assist people who have a permanent disability to access everyday life.  People who are eligible need to apply through NDIA (the Agency).  

Funding through NDIS includes daily support and accessing community, or equipment and building capacity.  Funding is determined by a meeting with an NDIA representative (LAC or Planner) where your goals are decided and together you work out what blocks your disability will cause to prevent you from achieving your goals.  

Together with the health, housing, education and other government departments, the NDIS funding aims to create equal access and opportunity to the whole community.

NDIS website -

- Apply for NDIS

- Find out up to date information

- Deep dive into the NDIA services and initiatives

what does a support coordinator do?

Support Coordination

Support coordinators are focused on assisting participants to build and maintain a resilient network of formal and informal supports.

Coordination of Supports includes, but is not limited to:

· Understand the Plan

· Connect with Supports and Services

· Design Support Approaches

· Establish Supports

· Coach, Refine, Reflect

· Targeted Support Coordination

· Crisis: Planning, Prevention, Mitigation and Action

· Build Capacity and Resilience

· Report to the NDIA

NDIA definition of role

The NDIA is the best place to get information on what they fund and why.  

This information has been rewritten from the NDIS Price Guide that guides all NDIS funding and the prices the market sets. 


Support Coordination-Housing

Support Coordination can be extended to explore housing options.  NDIS funded hours are added on top of the standard Support Coordination and involve more work than is funded under Improved Living Arrangements (NDIS - Capacity Building).  

As housing knowledge experts, Your Community Home can work with you to understand the funding and housing options and help prepare you and your family for your move.  YCH can also work together with existing Support Coordinators to assist with the housing goal.

 Coordination of Housing Supports includes, but is not limited to: 

· Understanding NDIS funding (SDA, SIL, ILO) and other funding (DSP, Rent Asst, NRAS)

· Connecting you with an Allied Health practitioner for assessments

· Exploring housing options and what your preferences are

· Liaising with Real Estates, housing providers, and other interested parties

· Assisting with applications for home modifications, SDA, assistive technology or other

· Preparing you to make your move as successful as possible

DSC definition of role

As this role emerges we are guided by Australia's leading NDIS trainers and consultants Disability Services Consulting (DSC).  DSC is a group of NDIS experts that support organisations to succeed in NDIS complexity.